Stakeholder Advisory Board

The Stakeholder Advisory Board is made up by companies, institutions, public and private organizations and individual professionals who wish to contribute to the activities of the Interdepartmental MSc in Data Science.

The Stakeholder Advisory Board aims at helping to identify an effective link between the educational and professional objectives of the MSc in Data Science and the professional needs of companies, institutions and public and private organizations – with particular respect to the application of Data Science in the context of professional, scientific and technological research.

Furthermore, the Stakeholder Advisory Board aims at enhancing:

  • the encounter of technical, humanistic, social and scientific knowledge and the knowledge of Data Science;
  • the application of Data Science knowledge to companies, organizations, public and private institutions as well as to the life of communities, their political, social and cultural institutions, and, more in general, the improvement of public policies and citizens’ quality of life;
  • knowledge of the dynamics of the job market and technological innovation to favor a better integration between the training of the MSc in Data Science and the world of public and private enterprises.

Among their various activities, the Board members will be able to:

  1. present their internship proposals aimed at the MSc’s students;
  2. propose and / or fund Challenges, Contests or research projects aimed at students;
  3. propose and / or fund university teaching courses, support activities and coaching in courses, meetings, seminars, conferences within the MSc in Data Science
  4. identify forms of collaboration between the MSc in Data Science and the world of work / territory;
  5. offer annual and / or biennial scholarships for deserving students based on the curriculum.

Download and read the regulation of the Stakeholder Advisory Board:

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